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At The SHOW, our guiding principles are at the heart of everything we do as a performing arts company.

Our company members are artists. We train, we grow.

Our guiding principles are key to helping us to create an environment where every Headliner, Senior and Junior company member can thrive.  


We create an inspiring culture that values mutual respect, work ethic, pride, and artistic excellence.

We commit to empowering all company members in taking risks, exploring their creativity, and developing their skills. In return, every performer must display an attitude that supports this atmosphere.


Our singers and dancers have a responsibility to each other as creators of sound, movement, energy and emotion.

They must also share a commitment to stretch to the edge of their abilities in order to do justice to the material they perform.


A performer’s job is to make the audience feel something.

The greatest performers take responsibility for the audience’s reaction.


Music is sonic movement. Dance is music in 3D. Both are equally valuable in performance.

Music and dance involve so much more than the right note or step at the right time. Singers make music with their whole bodies. Dancers are musicians – instruments of lyrical expression, rhythm and melody.  Ultimately, these two skill sets are one and the same.


When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Being part of The SHOW is not a competition. Rather, it is a learning path.
We recognize that each company member is on a unique growth trajectory, and do our best to support that journey.

If you believe this too … welcome.

We’d love to work with you, or have you join us at a performance.
The Show Company | Performing Arts in Calgary Alberta


Our mission is to train, empower and showcase exceptional young singers and dancers as members of The SHOW's performing arts company in Calgary, Alberta. 

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